Manga authors who publish their works in a weekly magazine are obliged to keep pace. This does not allow them to integrate all the details they would like within their chapters. The author of My Hero Academia made several corrections in the latest volume released in Japan, the 27th.

The Twitter account @shibuyasmash reported them, who made a small list of all the improvements made by Horikoshi attaching the reference tables to the post. Nothing transcendental, it is mostly the integration of backdrops, and small additions regarding the clothing of the characters.

The current narrative arc of My Hero Academia has been managed, so far, with considerable regularity from the author. The latter took a few breaks, and increased the number of pages of his chapters from the usual 15 to 19, while maintaining an always high artistic quality.

The impression is that the author is facing a climatic phase of the manga, from which it will not be possible to free yourself. Many prominent characters, both on the hero side and in the villain faction, are constantly hovering between life and death, and the scale of the conflict seems to be too great to allow a return to normal.

We remind you that the next appointment with the chapter of My Hero Academia is scheduled for Sunday at 6pm on the MangaPlus platform.

Horikoshi celebrates the release of volume 27 of My Hero Academia with a new sketch by Mirko. Dizzying numbers for the My Hero Academia manga, 27 million copies sold.

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