A PIECE Chapter 985: Kaido is ready to upset the world

The armed forces of both factions are deployed. Everyone has their own goals. With Kaido on one side and Luffy on the other, Eiichiro Oda is taking ONE PIECE into a new era. And its ultimate goal depends solely on the winner of the great war of Onigashima.

ONE PIECE 985 opens with cover and color pages to celebrate the manga's twenty-third anniversary. And Eiichiro Oda uses this moment to create a chapter that sets the stage for Kaido and Big Mom.

""The plan for the new Onigashima"This is the title of ONE PIECE 985, begins with an unexpected meeting for the nine red sheaths. In fact, Raizo, Kawamatsu, Kikunojo and the others face the traitor Kanjuro. The first mission of the sheaths will be to help the old friend to face some of Kaido's soldiers who blocked access to the center of Onigashima. After mocking Momonosuke who tried to escape, Kikunojo starts the attack and takes part in a confrontation with Kanjuro while the others take care of the other minions.

In the attic, Yamato is still arguing with Luffy and even asks him to board his ship, but Luffy is against it because the woman shows signs of her captivity. In fact, since the age of eight, she has been forced to wear explosive handcuffs that limit her to Wanokuni. While Luffy is thinking of taking her away, a show with Kaido as the protagonist is broadcast.

The emperor of a hundred animals begins a speech with many announcements. First it shows that the Shichibukai have been abolished, then it confirms the alliance with Big Mom's pirates and the desire to preserve the ancestral weapons to conquer the world and the One Piece. However, Kaido continues to surprise and asks the samurai who are serving Orochi. According to the plans of the emperor, Wanokuni also became a paradise for pirates thanks to the weapons built there. While Orochi is raging, Kaido immediately cuts off his head.

The flower capital will be the new Onigashima, while Yamato will be his shogun. Only the woman falls from the attic with Luffy and both are discovered. While the crowd is calling Tobi Roppo, the two try to save Momo. A PIECE 986 will arrive in two weeks.

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