ONE PIECE: Luffy rages in a prestigious collector’s statue

In the world of ONE PIECE Meeting gigantic individuals with impressive powers has become widespread for the Straw Hat crew, and Luffy himself can increase his size to make his body more resilient and also launch stronger attacks, like in a new collector's statue.

Monkey D. Luffy continues to surprise fans of the work written and drawn by master Eiichiro Oda with new powers, refinements of the techniques observed in the past that bring him higher and higher in the ranking of the most dangerous and powerful pirates in the New World. As we saw in the latest film about the franchise, ONE PIECE Stampede, Luffy was also able to openly compete against Douglas Bullet, former member of the Pirates of Roger, and show off the true power of the Boundman form of Gear 4th.

To celebrate the immense power of the future king of the pirates, TH Studio created the majestic collectible statue that you can see in the pictures at the bottom of the page. Luffy seems to unleash all the power of this fantastic character, which as stated It is available in 4 different colors and in two models, one in 1/4 scale, 65 centimeters high, priced at 1170 euros, and one in 1/6 scale, 47 centimeters high, which is available for 590 euros. Both products will be available from 2021.

Recall that Nico Robin came to life in the beautiful Anastasia cosplay and we'll leave you to the devastating events in chapter 994 of ONE PIECE.

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