Relatively little is missing from the ONE PIECE finale. The statements of Shueisha and Eiichiro Oda leave no doubt that Monkey D. Luffy's journey is drawing to a close. However, there is still a long way to go before arriving in Laugh Tale: how many islands are missing at the destination with the legendary treasure of Joy Boy?

After the Battle of Onigashima and the liberation of Wano, Luffy and his crew will again sail to an as yet unknown destination. There are several possible avenues for Straw Hat and his companions to lead them to Blackbeard or Im, depending on which one is the final enemy of. will be ONE PIECE.

He's certain that Blackbeard will face it, however: Marshall D. Teach has been cast as Luffy's enemy for too long to easily disappear from the radar, while Im appears to be relegated to more secondary roles. At this point it is possible a stop in Hachinosu, the pirate paradise built by the new emperor. A stop on Lodestar cannot be ruled out, the last island of the Rotta Maggiore. This hard-to-reach place will also be the last stop before landing on Laugh Tale and allow the crew to stock up for the final voyage.

So at the moment we're two islands off Laugh Tale: Lodestar and Hachinosu, or in any case the latter, which could be replaced by another island where the clash with Blackbeard will take place. However, counting the intermediate islands is more difficult: Even in view of the search for the last road poneglyphs for Luffy and his companions, there will be a lot to travel. In fact, at least one more island has to be explored to find the last red stone, while Elbaf appears to be an almost mandatory stop on the trip. The island of giants has actually been mentioned too many times in history. Depending on Im's presence in the next phase of the story and the fate of Sabo, Luffy and his companions could also be destined to land at Navy headquarters, if not Mary Geoise.

It therefore appears that Luffy has to go to at least five other locations before landing in Laugh Tale. Will the rest of the trip be enough to tell all of these legends?

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