From their very first meeting, Naruto liked Kawaki, who reminded him of his former self with his attitude. Removed from everyone like a monster, the Receptacle escaped the clutches of the Kara organization and was instantly connected to the Hokage, the only one who showed him love. Here is her report in Boruto 60.

In the new chapter of Masashi Kishimoto's work, Kawaki feels himself again a burden on Naruto, the Uzumaki family and friends. His biggest fear is that the Leaf Village will be destroyed by Code and the Kara organization because of him.

This fear of his is exacerbated by the treatment reserved for him by the people of Konoha, who, although they do not know his story, they look at him suspiciously. The boy finds himself on the stone head of the Seventh Hokage and watches the village from above, ready to leave everything behind and return to his lonely life.

But maybe Naruto senses his thoughts and appears before him and lets him understand through words and physical strength that he is now. Part of the Uzumaki family, his adopted son. In one of the most touching cartoons, the Seventh Hokage explains to him why he is risking himself to protect him.

β€œYour place is here. My family thinks so, you can stay with us as long as you want. But if you just don't feel comfortable, then I failed as a Hokage. I am sorryβ€œWith this monologue, Naruto proves once again that he is going on the legacy of ancient Sarutobi, the Third Hokage and Masters Kakashi, Iruka and Jiraya. But will Kawaki stay by his side or will he succumb to darkness?

We remind you that Boruto is 60 on MangaPlus and leave the news about a Boruto villain.

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