ONE PIECE it is a work that is really known all over the world and no one has never heard of Eiichiro Oda's workers. Obviously, among the millions of fans around the globe, there is no shortage of celebrities and athletes, one of whom has won the gold medal in the long jump in this regard.

That Olympic games It is one of the most anticipated events every 4 years, entertaining hundreds of millions of viewers from all over the world. This year's edition took place in Tokyo with thousands of athletes battling it out in search of the coveted gold medal. Obviously there was no shortage of homages to Japan from the competitors, some of whom actually used anime-themed songs, as happened with the Mexican gymnast performing her performance between the tones of part of Demon Slayer.

Another of these tributes is signed by the Greeks Miltiadis Tentoglou who presented himself to the public on live television typical pose of Luffywho have favourited Gear 2nd. It also seems that this move brought him luck as he managed to beat Mexican athlete ea. to win win the gold medal in the long jump.

A company that just went viral on the web because of the homage to Eiichiro Oda's masterpiece that you can find at the bottom of the news. Before we say goodbye, let us remind you that Chapter 1021 of ONE PIECE has been postponed. As for you, what do you think of this presentation instead? Let us know with a comment below.

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