The phenomenon of piracy, particularly that of the Caribbean, has seen a contamination of mythological elements over time. The story thus collided with the folklore and illuminated personalities that are part of the legend today. Eiichiro Oda in his too ONE PIECEHe borrowed such figures to paint his pictorial epic.

Roger is one of the most enigmatic personalities in ONE PIECE as well as one of the pirates with the strongest crew in the entire saga. His character, included in the legend since the first chapter, fits perfectly with the identity of Olivier Levasseur, a French pirate famous for his raids, which allowed him to obtain huge treasure. However, he was later captured and sentenced to death by hanging. Before Levasseur died, he called out the existence of his treasure to the gallows and threw the audience a necklace with an encrypted code of 17 lines. Only those who managed to decipher it could come across one of the greatest treasures of the great age of piracy.

It is also interesting to note that the encrypted document was also used by Oda as a source of inspiration for the design of the Poignee Griffe. Numerous scholars and archaeologists have hunted over the years mythical treasure of LevasseurExcept for a few clues, the content of the letter has not yet been deciphered and the location of the hiding place is still uncertain.

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