Through the now more than 1000 chapters of ONE PIECE the master Eiichiro Oda showed a certain development of many characters, especially the Mugiwara, whose past he also explored, and revealed their appearance as children. A fan then decided to trace the growth of Luffy and his companions alongside the drawings in the manga.

While working the Completion of the narrative arc of the country of Wa, with the beginning of the decisive clashes between the Monster Trio and the Pirates of the Hundred Beasts, the enthusiast OhLlamaDayV2 has decided to transform the story told so far through some sort of evolutionary mosaic not only inherent in the Mugiwara, but also in the characters that are particularly loved by the readers.

An interesting initiative that reminds readers and fans of some of the most important moments in the protagonists' past and makes it possible a look into the future, always according to the vision that Oda had previously created himself and which could therefore change during the construction.

Compensate the lack of pictures of Franky, Brook and Jinbe, the enthusiast has decided to include the late Portuguese D. Ace and Sabo, affidavit of Luffy's brothers, who are extremely relevant in certain events of the pirate epic. Let us know what you think of this nice initiative in the comments section.

Lastly, remember that Sanji was honored with a loyal cosplay, and we'll leave Chapter 1029 spoilers for you.

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