The new story arc of Dragon Ball Super has introduced several characters with rather interesting stories, most notably Granolah, the last of the Cerulean race, exterminated by the Saiyan army on the orders of Lord Freeza, and which could appear as the saga progresses for this reason.

Thanks to the elaborated plan of the Heeters, Goku and Vegeta have arrived on the planet Cerealwhere they were identified and attacked almost immediately by Granolah himself, who at the expense of many years of his life became the most powerful warrior in the universe. Although the cerulean has begun to quench his thirst for vengeance open to the protagonistWhat could make this story more intense and complete is the return of the Freeza itself.

In fact, if the antagonist returned to the pages of the manga, Granolah wouldn't be the only one therea long-awaited opportunity to face him and kill himThis would avenge his people, but it would also be possible to deepen the story of the Saiyan invasion of his home planet Baddack was there too. What do you think about it? Would you like Freeza to return against Granolah? Let us know with a comment below.

Keep in mind that Goku and Vegeta seem to have an ace up their sleeve, and we'll let you find out if Ultra Instinct can join the Super Saiyan.

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