The first member to join the Mugiwara crew was Roronoa Zoro, called the pirate hunter. It has several features that have become iconic, including the ability to get lost in every possible and imaginable way, sometimes even with a guide by your side. ONE PIECE has shown us several times the scene where Zoro gets lost on an island.

In Onigashima, the scene of the most important battle of ONE PIECE which will see Luffy and his alliance with Big Mom and Kaido, for Zoro there will certainly be a special clash. We still don't know what Eiichiro Oda's plans are for the character, but certainly the ONE PIECE chapter 979 was fundamental in making the character take the first step towards one of his most difficult clashes.

Luffy went in search of Kidd and Zoro followed him to stop him, knowing that his captain is not the type to keep calm. We all know that though Zoro will get lost among the labyrinthine tunnels of Onigashima, and other Mugiwara exponents know it, desperate for the news given by Jinbe.

From here on it is very probable that Zoro will wander alone on Onigashima until, after the battle started, the highly anticipated clash that will involve the pirate with an important member of the enemy faction will arrive. You who do you think Zoro will fight with? Meanwhile ONE PIECE is back on hiatus and will not be published this week.

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