My Hero Academia: how did Tomura Shigaraki live in chapter 270?

Tomura Shigaraki is the first villain introduced in My Hero Academia and has now become one of the main enemies of the saga created by Kohei Horikoshi. It is not yet known whether his threat will last from here until the end of the manga, but surely there is currently a story going on that sees him at the center of events as a strong catalyst for villains.

We have known the past of Tomura Shigaraki in My Hero Academia volume 25, when during the struggle between the League of Villain and the Redestro Quirk Army of Liberation, the power of Nana Shimura's grandson fully awakened. That Shigaraki therefore had much more strength available, but with Dr. Garaki he decided to carry out an experiment that could give him even more power.

This process has not come to an end for the intervention of the heroes in the last chapters of My Hero Academia, but Shigaraki has nevertheless lived a sort of dream that he definitely has confirmed the passage of All for One. During this dream, Shigaraki found himself in a world full of rubble, a symbol of what he left behind, and giant hands.

During this mental vision, however, there was also the appearance of his family, from sister to mother, maternal grandparents and father, but also the never known grandmother Nana Shimura. His whole family is completely annihilated by the power of Shigaraki who leaves his life behind to inherit All for One.

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