Imagine what could have happened to the famous Weekly Shonen Jump magazine if his workhorse were par excellence. ONE PIECEit was never serialized. In fact, some time before it was released, Eiichiro Oda really risked not seeing his manga in the magazine.

During the countdown of the opera marks four and a half yearsIn the remaining time, in which the sensei wants to finish EIN STÜCK, the contents of the interview with Oda published yesterday in Japan continue to leak. So the talented writer took the opportunity to uncover some curiosities in the early days of the manga's serialization.

ONE PIECE before it's actually published with its first chapter, It was discarded by Jump during the meeting between the editors. At that time, publisher Asada took on the task of alerting Oda to the magazine's decision not to publish the manga. Eiichiro Oda He was very surprised by the news as he was particularly sure of the potential of the work. Although the how and why were not revealed, the editors' opinion later changed so the sensei could begin his adventure in the magazine.

In addition, the author confirmed that he had not sent the ONE PIECE manuscript to another journal as it was his will to work in the same editorial office as Akira Toriyama. And then again, did you know that anecdote? Let us know with a comment below.

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