The island of the samurai has always been isolated from the rest of the ONE PIECE world because of unknown reasons. Oden Kozuki, who always dreamed of escaping the place he was imprisoned in for an adventure and sailing the seas, has found out why.

While his Journey aboard the Jackson Gold with Gol D. RogerOden Kozuki, the future king of the pirates, actually got to know the story of Joy Boy and much of the world of ONE PIECE, with the truth about 100 years of emptiness and the fate of future generations. He never missed anything he found in Laugh Tale, but he uttered a few important words during his execution.

While holding the fate of his companions on his shoulders, he tells in episode 974 of ONE PIECE that if he did survive, he should survive. then it will undoubtedly open Wano to the rest of the worldand opened its gates for the first time in centuries. The Kozuki have eliminated contact with the outside world to protect the place from an "enormous force". In addition, he stressed that both Wano and the rest of the world are waiting for a "certain character" to appear.

Oden doesn't unbutton that much, but no doubt he has very clear ideas about Joy Boy's legacy and memories. However, he knows that he will not have a long life and welcomes his nine red sheaths.

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