In the pirate epic ONE PIECE There are few moments as exciting and heartbreaking as the death of ace in the story arc set in Marineford. The adventure of Luffy and his companions underwent a drastic change after these events, and even today, Ace and Whitebeard, another memorable death in the saga, remain among the fan-favorite characters.

For this reason, also thanks to the different flashbacks in which they returned for a table or a sequence, the two pirates come often immortalized and honored with magnificent figures collectible. After announcing a statue dedicated to the strong bond that united Ace and Yamato, produced by LX Studio, the artists at BT Studio presented the magnificent figurine that you can see in the images below.

Represented as own surfer striker, a motorized surfboard activated with the powers of the Foco-Foco fruit, Ace appears happy and free. With a height of around 35 centimeters, the figure appears very detailed, and pre-orders are already possible on the manufacturer's website for those interested in buying normal version, sold at a price of 340 eurosboth for the translucent version, at 390 euros.

Finally, we leave you with Oda's message on what's missing from the ONE PIECE finale and the draft of the cover of Volume 103.

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