After the forced and unexpected separation from his companions, Monkey D. Luffy worked with new allies to try to rescue his brother Ace, a prisoner at Impel Down who was sentenced to death. To reminisce about one of Ace in's final moments ONE PIECE Dream Studio created a collectible statue.

In the images shared by @MajinStore, present in the post at the bottom of the page, you can see the care that Portuguese D. Ace was depicted in his cell on the sixth level of the world government maximum security prison: Impel Down. The wounds and marks of torture are made even more obvious by the blood that is present on practically every part of the body, made with great care as well as the stone floor and wall and the handcuffs attached to the wall.

Ace appears tempted but determined, and as we know, he is taken from his cell shortly after to be escorted to Marineford, the Navy's headquarters, where his public execution is scheduled. The 24 centimeter tall figure will be available from the second quarter of 2023 and can already be booked Price of 160 euros. Finally, we leave you with the theories related to Chapter 1069 of ONE PIECE, out on MangaPlus on Sunday December 11th.

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