The world of ONE PIECE it is extremely extensive and varied. Although it's already at a level probably not seen in other mangas, Eiichiro Oda extends it further by adding locations and characters, some of which also have a major impact on the plot. In fact, the Onigashima phase has introduced new ones.

THE Tobi Roppo is one of the strongest pirates in Kaido's service. These are six captains who have risen to the ranks of the pirate crew of the Hundred Beasts, only weaker than their commander and the three All-Stars. All six got attention in ONE PIECE, but there is one who has succeeded more than others. The two brothers Page One and Ulti appeared in the last episodes of ONE PIECE, with the older sister in particular drawing the attention of fans.

Several were born for this Cosplay on Ulti. The dinosaur that Luffy faces has already shown itself a few times in real version and now the cosplayer Azubises, a big fan of ONE PIECE and who has already suggested themed photos, has decided to create this character. Below you can see the album proposed on Instagram, what do you think?

The Japanese cosplayer Toma has also created an ultimate cosplay.

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