The training that Asta went through in it The final story arc of Black Clover was abruptly interrupted by a heated argument with his captain's younger sister. It is unlikely that the protagonist of the work will be able to return to training: the enemies have made their first move.

Ichika Yami navigates bitter memories in Black Clover Chapter 342. However, reliving her past only made the girl more embittered, which makes her decide to do it takes his frustration out on Astawho has chosen to reject his reality of facts.

Asta and Ichika therefore decide to fight in a deadly fight to decide who is right. One fights to defend the honor of the Black Bull's captain, the other to permanently sever the only blood tie by killing her older brother's dear student.

However, the fight between the two, where Ichika had the clear advantage and was ready to launch the decisive attack, is interrupted by Ryudo Ryuya. After the Shogun has both of them lowering their weapons, the Shogun warns that the Paese del Sole has new visitors come from a foreign country. It won't be a friendly game this time.

Sister Lily, transformed into Paladina by Lucius Zogratis, broke into the Land of the Sun accompanied by two other mysterious servants. This trio, in service of the insane will of the fel host Astaroth, intends to do so to set fire to the land led by Ryuya to kill Asta and prevent Clover from receiving Allied reinforcements.

How will Asta react to the sight of Sister Lily, la Woman who professes love and wants to get married since when is he a kid? He probably won't be able to raise his sword against her, but he will still try everything to talk sense into her. It won't be for the same reason as Ichika wanting to vent his anger on the intruders. We remind you that Black Clover is on hiatus and that Chapter 343 will not appear at the usual time.

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