Episode 996 of ONE PIECE surprised fans with the clash between Yamato and Ulti. The ONE PIECE anime series is preparing for its monumental milestone 1,000 episodes, and it could not have come at a better time as the attack on Onigashima has only just begun.

THE Nine red sleeves officially opened the dance with a spectacular attack against Kaido, which was seen in episode 995 of ONE PIECE. Chaos breaks out on the island and one of the first clashes is that between Yamato and Ulti.

After chasing Luffy and Yamato in the last few episodes, Ulti finally caught up with Yamato. Although the persecution of Yamato was initially ordered by Kaido, it is here now the thing has become much more personal.

ONE PIECE Episode 996 begins immediately after the Nine Red Shells inflicted multiple wounds on Kaido. Kaido's forces begin their counterattack, but they're not the only ones: too The hidden samurai begin to reveal themselves and starting with the attack. That means we will finally see Yamato's abilities in action and of course those of the gods too Tobi Roppo, directly from Ulti.

As the anime prepares for the milestone of ONE PIECE's thousandth episode, the saga of Wano still has many surprises.

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