The second season of Demon Hunter has arrived, giving anime fans a new backstory about the Pillar of Flame, Rengoku, before she mounted the demons Mugen trainthat will change his life forever.

before Rengoku and Tanjiro and his friends could get on the locomotive, the anime series wanted to explain why the train wasn't running. In fact, the Swordsman of the Flames was originally sent on a mission for one Demon who terrorized the village where the train stopped.

Before the second season began the story of the events of the first film, Demon Slayer: the Mugen Train, the authors took the opportunity to give fans a new background about Rengoku as he tries to save the village threatened by the alleged demon.

We discover in the first episode of the second season that the Mugen train was not out of order due to technical problems, but was blocked. due to the numerous disappearances that had already started because of the village demon. After its defeat, the locomotive is ready to leave the station again.

Rengoku is also ready to come aboard along with Tanjiro and his allies to help the Pillar of Flame. As fans who have already seen the movie know, the move is off Enmu, a high-ranking demon sent to kill the demon slayers, but managed to connect to the train itself.

Enmus strategy, revealed in the third episode of Demon Slayer 2, is that of To put passengers to sleep and to eat victims to his liking, but with Rengoku and Tanjiro on board it looks like he might be in serious trouble.

The Mugen Train Arc in the TV anime series lasts until December, then the new one begins Story arc of the red light districtthat immediately follows the events of the film that changed the foundation of the demon slayer.

We remind you that the release of the fourth episode of Demon Slayer 2 has been postponed for a week.

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