In the July issue of the magazine Monthly Action from the publisher Futabasha, the final chapter of the manga was published, written and illustrated by Gengoroh Tagame, Bokura no Shikisai. The magazine asked readers to keep an eye on the next Tagame project.

Bokura no Shikisai

Tagame began publishing the manga in Futabasha publisher's Monthly Action magazine in March 2018. The publisher will publish the third and final compilation volume on September 10.

Tagame also wrote and illustrated the manga. Otouto no Otto, which was published in Futabasha publisher's Monthly Action magazine between November 2014 and May 2017. The publisher compiled the work in four volumes, with the last one published in July 2017. This manga was nominated for a large number of awards in different years, highlighting an Excellence Award at the 19th Japan Arts Awards Festival in 2015. The play inspired a three-episode live-action mini-series released in March 2018.

Synopsis of Bokura no Shikisai

"I like men. There is nothing strange about that, or shouldn't… ”The story tells the daily life of a high school boy who is unable to sayβ€œ I love you ”to his classmate because they are both men. But her days change when she meets a mysterious older man who also happens to be gay.

Β© η”° δΊ€ ζΊδΊ”ιƒŽ / 双 葉 η€Ύ FUTABASHA


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