For some readers of ONE PIECE it is impossible to get used to the breaks that Eiichiro Oda takes more or less each month. In addition, Weekly Shonen Jump recently took a few more breaks due to the coronavirus and that the same mangaka had to slow down work The story of ONE PIECE went on more slowly.

But finally ONE PIECE 989 is coming. The story will be published on MangaPlus on Sunday, so there are only a few days left for the return of the King from Weekly Shonen Jump. In the last few hours, however, the first have arrived Progress with ONE PIECE 989;; Let's see the spoilers together.

Very little information is known at this time as it arrived earlier than usual. The title of the chapter is "I Don't Think We Lose" and the cover story will review Pound as the protagonist. Three new numbers will appear and Big Mom declares that these are gods failed versions of the reproductions of Punk Hazard's "Ancient Giants".

Nico Robin and Jinbe fight side by side as Luffy attempts to climb Onigashima and reach Kaido. The queen and king, though the latter does not fight with Sanji, stop him. At the end of the chapter of ONE PIECE 989 we see All of the Mugiwara gathered in the same place in the square. The chapter ONE PIECE 990 will appear regularly next week.

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