There The story of ONE PIECE is advancing towards the Wanokuni finale, a saga in which the Mugiwara Kaidos crew take over. Eiichiro Oda and Shueisha bill their fans for ONE PIECE Volume 100, but before we get there we need to see what will happen in another twenty chapters from 989 onwards.

After the spoilers of ONE PIECE 989, let's see what happens in the new chapter of Eiichiro Oda. Pound tries to escape the Marines while showing a photo of his two daughters, who still don't believe the man. In the chain we see two twins with an angry big mom who sends Pound away.

Back to the story: Everyone notices that Big Mom has been punched in the face by Franky from the Mugiwara, and as the Empress prepares to respond to Franky's laser beam, three numbers burst. One of them holds the Brachio tank in his hand and the cyborg then changes targets and frees Usopp and Chopper. However, Big Mom is about to hit him, but there The Jinbe-Robin couple intervened in good time with a combined attack sending the Empress out of the area.

Meanwhile, Luffy tries to go up the Onigashima building to reach Kaido, and meets Zoro, who wants to go with him. however Queen stops him with her dinosaur shapewhile King and other Gifters fly in the sky to prevent anyone from approaching. Back on the pitch, we also see Sanji recover thanks to the resistance of the suit.

Hyogoro reveals that he is not afraid of losing, despite the difficulties he faces while I am Ten Mugiwara gather in the middle of the square. ONE PIECE 990 will be back next week.

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