Closer and closer to its epic conclusion, the Onigashima War becomes a vast site for some of the most intense and surprising battles in Eiichiro Oda's pirate epic. While Luffy defies Kaido, Kidd and Law argue with Big Mom, and they seem to have a huge advantage over the Empress.

Wano's story arc has proven to be one of the richest and most valuable to date in terms of details about the past of some fairly relevant characters, and Oda has decided to surprise again with important news regarding Law and Kidd. The confrontation with Big Mom put her to the test, considering that Eustass' left arm was lost in the battle between Hawking and Killer.

However, the two captains and Supernova seem to have gained new strength thanks to the awakening of the devil fruits. A flashback to readers indicates that Law already knew he had new skills, but decided to only use them when necessary as they took a lot of perseverance. They are shown in a fantastic and spectacular combo attack Kroom Techniques and an Improved Version of Punk Clash.

The first is the infusion of space on the sword, a gimmick that allows Law to electrify Big Mom's entire body and create a great and powerful shock. Through the second, Kidd manages instead to detach and extract huge steel girders from Onigashima Castle, as well as donning the weapons of the surrounding pirates to create a mountain of metal that devours the empresswhich, thanks to Law's intervention, has now become a huge magnet. What do you expect from this incredible novelty? Do you think they really managed to stop Big Mom? Let us know in the comments section.

In the end we leave the question to you: Will Luffy awaken his devil fruit in Wano too?

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