My Hero Academia: The heroine who is banned from minors at midnight in Natalia’s great cosplay

There is midnight among the teachers at Yuei, a school where the adventures of My Hero Academia take place. Nemuri Kayama was also a classmate at Eraserhead and Present Mic and had a sadistic and seductive side from the start. Even today he shows up with very tight tights and a very sexy way to do it.

At first, he had to have a much more erotic and intense costume in Kohei Horikoshi's plans, but in the end the mangaka decided to show it My hero Academia with tight white tights that reveal all shapes, a leather bodice under the chest and a red belt and boots. Everything is accompanied by a whip and a mask around the eyes, which make it even more sadomasochistic.

My Hero Academia fans love her and for this reason several cosplays dedicated to her have appeared on the net. Natalia Kat has posted in the past few hours Midnight cosplaythat you can see below. Seen in profile, the girl highlighted her B-side along with the rest of the costume by making it clear because midnight is a hero forbidden to minors.

Natalia Kat also gave us a great Ciri cosplay from The Witcher, while Midnight became provocative thanks to EmilyRexz.

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"When I see you running and screaming like a baby ... the sadist in me hurts for the chance to play." Midnight has some interesting quotes 😏. Photo by @timbermingham, Cosplay awarded by @jennesis_cosplay 💕. . . . . #midnight #mha #bnha #midnightcosplay #nemurikayama #bnhacosplay #mhacosplay #bokunoheroacademia #myheroacademia #animecosplay #mangacosplay

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