We are nearly there. After months of trouble in which only Luffy appeared to be on duty, it is time for all Allied forces to take a stand and begin the fighting in Onigashima. Let's see together what to expect and when from ONE PIECE 988.

The attack on Kaido has begun and now there is no turning back. The Emperor of the Hundred Beasts faced Momonosuke's rejection and the attack of his vassals and was forced to transform into a dragon. When he carries his enemies to the top of the Onigashima Dome, the The main enemy of this ONE PIECE saga is preparing to take it out.

Luffy stays down in the square, accompanied by Yamato and a crowd of samurai. But even without Kaido's presence, things haven't run smoothly since then There's Big Mom nearbywithout forgetting all of Tobi Roppo's other powers, the disasters, the numbers and others. In short, the open war between the two factions is really starting and Eiichiro Oda in Chapter 988 of ONE PIECE has to deal with clashes left and right. The confusing situation no longer allows one-on-one clashes to arise as we have seen in previous narrative arcs. However, it is possible that there will be certain correspondences that we will observe.

Oda will likely have some warm-up fights against small fish and maybe in the second half of the next chapter We will see some duelist pairs challenge each other. A small bracket will also be dedicated to the mink, whose transformation takes place thanks to the full moon and thus the intervention against pirates in the square below. Who knows if this will eventually lead to Kaido's death.

ONE PIECE 988 will be released on August 23rd at 6:00 p.m. on MangaPlus because of the free week for the Obon of Weekly Shonen Jump.

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