Thanks to the Twitter page of ONE PIECE The mangaka and the editorial team, called "Eiichiro Staff", share some background and secrets about the production phase of the work. Because of this, recently we've been seeing more and more extras from the original ONE PIECE tables or even other creative processes.

The Chapter 987 of ONE PIECE It opened with a color page showing the entire Mugiwara crew. Luffy in the foreground, then Zoro and Sanji on the sides, through everyone else and Jinbe, who finally gets his place in the middle together with his new companions. But how did Eiichiro Oda structure this ONE-PIECE color page?

The video with the realization was posted on the Twitter account where Oda shows us all the steps that have been taken digitally to complete this first color page. The Mangaka first tried different arrangements for the characters and after a few tries decided the right formation. He then drew all of the main black lines on separate layers, made the guidelines, and then began the actual drawing and finally coloring the various areas.

The colors also changed several times in the video. Did you like that? ONE PIECE 987 color page?

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