More and more authors, from the lesser known to the most famous, are getting carried away by Twitter. Through official reports on their manga or personal reports, they share unpublished and other material behind the scenes. Thanks to these tweets, we can find out how the ONE PIECE or i color pages are prepared Sketches from My Hero Academia.

Indeed, Kohei Horikoshi is one of the writers who frequently use Twitter to share the illustrations he creates and who often don't end up in the My Hero Academia tape editions. The mangaka were quite active, often sharing black and white illustrations when the fourth season aired. Now he focuses on casual, same day designs presented two new ones.

This time it's Horikoshi focused on Himiko Toga, the Yandere from My Hero Academia, which was the focus of a few key scenes in the last few chapters. The two drawings are present in the tweets below and in one we see Toga with his usual grin and high school attire as he tries to scare a white cat while in the other he wears more specific attire and bites into a piece of flesh.

The girl is very much loved by fans and for this reason there is often cosplay on Himiko Toga on the net.

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