Wano is preparing for the third phase. After the protagonists of ONE PIECE dismissed the fall of the Fleet of Seven and told us the story of the Crew of Rocks and the rise of the four emperors, they return to the screen with the new episode of the anime.

But their presence will last very little. Indeed ONE PIECE Episode 959 started the third act of Wano, but he also hinted that the adventures of Luffy and his companions will be temporarily put aside. After seeing the characters in armor, there was also a recap of what had happened in the days before Wano.

As usual, the preview at the end of the episode allows us to take a look at the episode for the following week. On January 31, 2021, at the close of the first month of the year, the debut of a very important character will take place. The ONE PIECE 960 trailers In fact, he confirms the arrival of Oden Kozuki with a look back.

So we will get to know the story of Momonosuke's father and one of the most important men of the past in the world of ONE PIECE. Below is the presentation video as well as two images that introduce the transition to the future mini story arc.

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