My Hero Academia 5: An extravagant poster shows the main heroes

It's been a few years since the TV debut of My hero academia. Studio BONES, based on the work of the same name by Kohei Horikoshi, presented a fascinating product that has confirmed its popularity with four seasons. But the Midoriya story certainly hasn't stopped since My Hero Academia 5 launched in April.

Now anticipated by some followers and various posters, The debut of My Hero Academia 5 is getting closer and closer For this reason, the production of the anime and the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine do everything to promote it and to create a lot of anticipation for the next episodes. A key visual featuring Midoriya and the other young heroes of 1-A was recently revealed.

However, this time around, My Hero Academia 5 focuses on the most powerful heroes in another unreleased poster that can be seen in the following tweet. THE The characters chosen for the new key visual are Endeavor, Hawks, Eraserhead and All Might, each with their own phrase:

  • All Might: There are so many things I need to protect, I cannot lose;
  • Eraserhead: I'll watch. If we do that we have to choose the right way to do it;
  • Make an effort: I will raise my flames! More! Plus Ultra!
  • Hawks: I'll take you on, No. 1!

In addition to Yuei's young students, professionals will also be of vital importance for the next season.

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