Things are getting more and more eventful in Egghead. The protagonists encounter Vegapunk's laboratory and then the scientist who puts them in an awkward situation where they are forced to deal with agents of the world government. But something else is brewing in this saga ONE PIECE.

With the Seraphim disobeying, possibly at someone's command, things become increasingly problematic for the remaining group of characters in the lab. Will Luffy and Zoro grant Rob Lucci's request? The ONE-PIECE 1076 spoiler leaked to the web already give a pretty clear idea of ​​what's going to happen in the chapter. Let's see what has been expected of the leakers so far.

  • The Chapter 1076 of ONE PIECE it is titled "Old Friend";
  • Rob Lucci and Kaku are freed from the Agalmatolite handcuffs to fight;
  • Rob Lucci and Luffy face S-Bear;
  • Kaku and Zoro face S-Hawk;
  • Apparently, Mihawk's Seraphim also has a devil fruit, it's that Supa Supa no Mi by Mr.1Daz Bornes;
  • The real Vegapunk has been locked up along with some CP0 agents who have been trapped there for months;
  • Shanks is in Elbaf along with some giants;
  • There's also Dorry and Brogy;
  • Eustass Kid and his crew arrive at the coast of Elbaf;

So it promises to be a very eventful chapter for the protagonists, but the rest of the world is still moving, especially it will be interesting to watch what will happen to Shanks and Kid, as they will meet again after the first fight that took the Supernova's arm. Elbaf confirms itself as a hub for ONE PIECE.

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