Like the popularity of de The attack of the giants One phenomenon has gradually increased over the seasons: the use of CGI. If in the past TV series Studio Wit tried to use as little as possible of the 3DCG for the Giants, with the exception of the conspicuous Colossal case, MAPPA had to change things.

Despite the wait that separated the first from the second season JOKE The days were numbered for the production of the anime and after the tumultuous third series the studio had to ditch the franchise in favor of MAPPA, which took the opportunity to get their hands on a very famous title around the world despite the time extremely tight and the numerous projects in the pipeline.

And precisely because of the lack of manpower and the complexity of realizing the Giants in traditional technology, MAPPA Studio had to commission V-Sign Modeling of almost all titans in CGI. On the other hand, while this has caused some controversy, many fans didn't rate the bottom line too negatively. In the last few hours, however, a leak of Old Dac suggests the possibility that some giants can be treated in the usual traditional technique. Some users have predicted that it might be the attack giant or the hammer even with no confirmations.

We just have to wait for more developments in the next few episodes to understand which titanium is made in 2D. And which giant do you hope? Let us know with a comment below.

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