The Egghead saga had to be temporarily put on hold due to a hiatus from Eiichiro Oda. The mangaka went to the United Arab Emirates for a convention he had to attend, forcing Weekly Shonen Jump not to publish ONE PIECE in its December 19 release in Japan. However, this does not mean that the manga is missing.

Last weekend, between December 17th and 18th, the highly anticipated Jump Festa 2023 took place, one of the most awaited Shueisha events, since here information about manga, news about animated adaptations and many other interesting news about top titles be revealed. And of course the allusions to ONE PIECE shouldn't be missing either, which, albeit with very little information, once again steal the stage.

In fact, one was unveiled during the event Spoiler board from ONE PIECE 1070, the chapter coming to Manga Plus on December 25th. Those who are up to date with the latest events know that a clash between Luffy in Gear Fifth and Rob Lucci has awoken. The leopard badly injured Sentomaru, but it is unknown what the status of Vegapunk's aide is. As can be seen in the table below, the fight between protagonist and antagonist continues for now Luffy creates a new attack called "Gom Gom no Don Rocket"a blow so strong that it deforms Lucci's stomach.

Obviously, the caricature also owes the power of the fruit of the devil Homo Homo model Nika, able to deform everything that comes in contact with its user. What do you expect from the chapter? And will this clarify the anticipated but still mysterious 2023 ONE PIECE clash that Eiichiro Oda talked about during Jump Festa?

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