The arrival of the Mugiwara on the island of Egghead is the first major stage in the final saga ONE PIECEdeveloped in the debut period of the film ONE PIECE: RED, to which the author wanted to dedicate a special color cover as the opening of chapter 1065. Let's watch a timelapse of the illustration signed by Eiichiro Oda together.

The video shared on the official site of the series at the bottom of the page shows the different stages of the master's drawing. At first Luffy and Shanks, a main character throughout the film as the father of the deuteragonist Uta, was depicted in two different poses, only to be redesigned with readers in mind. A unique detail is found in the choice to include Luffy's Gear Fifth rather than leaving the protagonist in their normal form.

the supporting characters, the rest of the Mugiwara and the Red Pirates, on the other hand enclose the middle part and leave a lot of space for Uta in the middle frame with two large black wings and the large RED writing in the background. Tell us what you think in the comments section. Finally, we would like to remind you that Uta appeared in the Halloween spot and we leave you to our review of the movie ONE PIECE: RED.

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