It is imperative that mangakas go through their publishers' scrutiny before being published on Weekly Shonen Jump or other manga magazines. The editors of the magazine make the necessary corrections and suggestions and can only publish at the end of the process - now completely digital. that also applies to ONE PIECE.

Eiichiro Oda is one of the few mangaka who still draws by hand and therefore has all the storyboards available, but also the manuscripts on paper and not digital. And so, through the official twitter account for ONE PIECEhe and his associates post a few pictures every week demonstrating this, as happened a few days ago in the chapter 1064 scenes with Luffy and his companions.

Again the Original plates from ONE PIECE 1065, with the landing of the other Mugiwaras in Egghead, transported by Vegapunk's giant robot. While Zoro and Brook stay on board with Caribou in the only chart with the lyrics - handwritten down to the editor's typesetting - the other charts show skits featuring the other characters of the crew.

The chapter proved very important for a number of reasons, including an important connection between the future and the past that lurks in Egghead.

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