The end of Wano completely shattered the balance of the world. At this point ONE PIECE has entered a new era, which features new Emperors and an even more exciting race for Laugh Tale and Gol D. Roger's fantastic treasure. The new generation of pirates does not give up and disrupts entire islands and established dynamics.

Now all of ONE PIECE's biggest sized pirates are ruling the seas. And in the Full spoilers of ONE PIECE 1063 Two of them fight. But let's start from the beginning, with the first page featuring a mini-adventure still set on Whole Cake Island, where Cracker is frozen and Brulee screams warning of Pudding's kidnapping.

In Egghead, Luffy, Bonney, and Chopper have had enough and dress in futuristic outfits thanks to yet another Vegapunk machine, while Jinbe opts for more Hawaiian attire. At this point, however, a Robot policeman in the form of Kuma Bartholomew who starts attacking her. Luffy tries to fight back, but Bonney stops him and publicly reveals that Kuma is his father and his only family.

Meanwhile, Law's crew encounters Blackbeard elsewhere. Now Jesus Burgess, Doc Q, Stronger the horse and Van Augur the sniper also have a devil fruit. Together they cornered Law on an island. Blackbeard wants to know all the details about the poneglyph that the death surgeon has and so on at the end The fight between Blackbeard and Law begins.

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