The Straw Hat Pirates' new adventure was immediately interesting. The island the crew lands on will lead to the revelation of some gods The most important secrets of ONE PIECE. Eiichiro Oda is stepping on the accelerator and apparently there is already some basic information from the first previews.

That Spoiler of ONE PIECE 1062 the following are confirmed online for the time being.

  • The title of ONE PIECE 1062 is "Adventure in the Land of Science";
  • In the cover adventure, you can see Chocolat Town, one of Whole Cake Island's islands, completely covered in ice;
  • in the egghead, Jewelry Bonney reveals that Bartholomew Kuma is her father and was turned into a weapon by Vegapunk;
  • There are six different versions of Vegapunk as he is so busy with his research;
  • That CP0 agents are coming to kill Vegapunkwith them is Seraphim Kuma.

Little information for now, but all the basics, from Jewelry Bonney's connection to the unexpected arrival of Cipher Pol Aegis, poised to kill one of the World Government's and Navy's most important assets. ONE PIECE Chapter 1062 will not be released on Sunday but on Monday on MangaPlus due to a public holiday in Japan delaying the release of the magazine.

In the meantime, don't miss the first Vegapunk cosplay in a female version.

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