As we celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Black Clover anime and various information also comes for the highly anticipated movie, the manga continues to progress. Since returning from hiatus, Yuki Tabata has brought a new narrative arc, the last to showcase one new place in the magical world of Asta.

The previous chapters introduced the Land of the Sun, the original shogunate of Yami Sukehiro. Magic doesn't work in this land like it does in the Clover kingdom, but it does happen through the use of some scrolls. But there is another power, a power that Asta knows very well and that has been used many times in the past Black clover. In fact, thanks to Captain Yami's teachings, the protagonist learned to exploit Ki.

But now the everything develops thanks to teeds, the "divine division" that Yami's little sister presents to the protagonist. Ichika uses her inner power to summon her own Yoryoku - the magical power of the Land of the Sun - and shows the protagonist how to cut a bamboo cane. Following the teachings, Asta uses Ki to summon his own anti-magic, with even more devastating consequences.

That Black Clover's protagonist will then train to gain an important power which will allow him to face the almighty Lucius Zogratis.

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