During his long career as a brilliant Red Ribbon scientist, Dr. Gelo created many androids that appeared in Dragon Ball. Since the beginning of the Akira Toriyama saga Goku had to deal with these cyborgs seemingly human, but in fact they hide so many secrets behind their skin.

Do you remember the innocent C8 aka Brass? He is currently one of Doctor Gelo's weakest androids, who has greatly improved his construction technique over the years. In fact, a lot of time has passed since Goku was a child during the Red Ribbon saga with the true power of the evil scientist's genius seen during the Dragon Ball Z Android saga.

Several of the Doctor's creations debuted here, including himself modified and made into a cyborg. But according to Cell, the most violent and frightening beings were twins C17 and C18. The pair weren't the final antagonists of the saga, but their presence was overwhelming most of the time. Cosplayer Ale, also known as Makiirisu, wanted to dress up for her audience with this creation C18 cosplay in denim jacket and skirtas presented in Dragon Ball Z when leaving Doctor Gelo's laboratory.

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