In ONE PIECE 1051, Luffy managed to get revenge. Back to Onigashima thanks to Momonosuke, Straw Hat has returned to challenge Emperor Kaido. The clash between their haki split the skies as Roger and Whitebeard once did, but the fate of the land of Wano does not rest solely on the shoulders of the future pirate king.

In the'Episode 1052 of ONE PIECE anime the situation becomes even more tense. Luffy asked Momonosuke and Yamato to leave and leave Kaido to him. However, the two young samurai realize that Onigashima is drawing near to the Capital of Flowers, an event that would allow the Emperor to turn Wano into his pirate nation.

Momonosuke and Yamato are tasked with stopping Onigashima's advance, but now it's crumbling. Kaido, caught up in the fight with Luffy, is no longer able to maintain control of the clouds that allow Onigashima to fly, and soon the entire island could vanish into thin air. This possibility would spell the end of Wano as tons of explosives are hidden in the castle dungeons.

The action then moves to the Living Floor, where Zoro and Sanji face King and Queen. The Swordsman deals with the Lunarian, but after managing to sever his horn, he suffers his opponent's wrath. King, transformed into a pterodactyl hybrid, ejects Zoro from the castle and nearly falls into the ocean below. Meanwhile, Sanji senses something is wrong with him. Despite Queen's powerful punches, she feels no pain. That the Vinsmoke genes awaken In him? The truth will come out with the release of ONE PIECE 1053.

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