The long-running story arc set in the land of Wa continues in the anime of ONE PIECE, and after several defeats and also important victories of the Mugiwara, the moment of the most awaited clash has finally arrived. Luffy prepares to face one of the most powerful pirates of all time, Emperor Kaido.

Following the Clash with his daughter Yamato, of which an interesting transformation was also shown, very similar to the mythological Kirin, and with the precious help of Momonosuke, Luffy was able to return to Onigashima Island to face Kaido again. As shown in the Crunchyroll Videosreported above in the news, the clash was the scene of some of the most spectacular effects seen in anime to date.

The meeting created between their ambitions a crack in the sky of Onigashima, as if to emphasize the power of both and Luffy's effective Emperor title. What is shown in Episode 1051 of the anime can probably be considered the highest point achieved in Wano's narrative arc, both for the centrality of the events narrated and for the quality of the animations.

And what do you think of the adaptation of the Fight between Luffy and Kaido? did it hit you Tell us by leaving a comment below. Finally, we leave you with the new information about Princess Bibi and the trailer for Episode 1052 of ONE PIECE.

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