Chapter 1051 of ONE PIECE marked a seminal piece in the story of the pirate epic conceived by Eiichiro Oda. The collapse of two emperors and the newfound freedom of Wano were the underlying themes of the country’s new shogun, whose full design was shown for the first time.

Among the characters introduced in the final arc, the longest of the entire series to date, Momonosuke Kozuki he has played a crucial role on several occasions. Momonosuke is willing to sacrifice himself and abandon his mother and project himself into the future, determined to help Luffy at the expense of growing up through the powers of Shinobu. Momonosuke has proven to be a valuable and most importantly, an honorable ally.

Two qualities that will make it one of the greatest shoguns in the history of Wano, as given by the narrator in the last tables of the chapter in question. Ever since the appearance of his draconian form, readers have fanarted and speculated about the appearance of the adult Momonosuke and finally Oda showed it on an exciting side, to say the leastand you can see that in @Valdezology’s post reported at the bottom of the news.

Let us know what you think of Momonosuke’s design by leaving a comment below. Finally we remind you that the ONE PIECE manga will be on a long hiatus and leave the spoilers of Chapter 1052.

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