The extraordinary and intense fight between Luffy and Kaido finally seems to be over. Chapter 1049 of ONE PIECE It was devoted in part to the Emperor's past, only to bring the reader back to the present where, between timely rescues and hopes, Luffy spoke words of curiosity and wonder.

In the skies of Onigashima, probably the most important battle in the pirate epic, signed by Eiichiro Oda. The victory of Luffy and his companions would mean peace and freedom and a return to a dignified lifestyle for the people of Wano. Luffy is aware of the conditions many of them have to live in for years, just think of thoseMeet O-Tama and Old Hyogoro.

Because of this, before delivering the final blow to Kaido, Luffy expressed a desire to want a world where his friends can eat as much as they want. A a phrase that surprised readers at such an important momentbut which, if you think back to Luffy's path in the land of Wa, takes on a different meaning.

Finally we remind you that a gym dedicated to ONE PIECE will open shortly and we leave you to the predictions of Chapter 1050 of ONE PIECE that will arrive in Manga Plus on May 29, 2022.

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