During their adventure in Wano, the Mugiwara met various characters relevant to fully understand other situations parallel to the rule established by Kaido in that land. In the anime episode 1048 of ONE PIECE One of the side stories has found its inevitable conclusion in a spectacular collision.

Yamato, born Kaido's daughter, immediately opposed her father's horrific acts, and in order to allow Luffy to return to Onigashima Island to face him again, she threw herself against the Emperor. The clash between the two powerful characters revealed and gave birth to the hybrid form of Yamato that was eagerly awaited by the readers of the series one of the most spectacular clashes of the entire story arc.

The tensions and grievances that Yamato has nurtured over the years in his father's shadow have turned into the overwhelming rage with which the girl has unleashed her powers on the Skulldome of Onigashima. To make it even more epic, they were the incredible animations of the animation team led by Vincent Chansard, which garnered applause from the entire community just hours after the episode's release. In the two posts below, you can see the production quality in the fluidity and spectacularity of the animations, both by observing each frame and the overall result seen in the episode. And what do you think? Were you impressed with the animations of ONE PIECE episode 1048? Tell us in the comments.

Finally here is the trailer of Anime Episode 1049 and we leave you with Eiichiro Oda's explanation of the circular rainbow phenomenon.

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