What happened to Dragon Ball Super 2? That question is far from answered given the difficulties the animation studio seems to be having with the inside information, which is helping to further confuse the matter.

In fact, according to the rumors that are appearing on the net, the first anime related to DB Super should be announced It won't be the direct sequel, but another weekly project of which nothing else is known. The mysterious halo behind the franchise's future continues to fuel hypotheses and expectations across the internet, which have meanwhile turned all the spotlights on theJapanese anime.

It is an event that, like every year, is scheduled to take place towards the end of March and to which TOEI animation will participate with a panel dedicated to the saga. It's not the first time Toriyama's masterpiece has been among the main guests of the fair, however, the animation studio adds the following description about the booth: "The latest information about the works of TOEI, such as B. popular projects currently airing and new titles releasing this year are all collected at the booth!"

Is it really time to get to know the new Dragon Ball Super anime or will there be no surprises this time either? Let us know what you think with a comment below.

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