The challenge that will decide the fate of Wano will be decided in moments. Meanwhile, the power of Kaido of the Hundred Beasts has been exhausted, and with it the power that keeps Onigashima floating in the sky. With the battle of battles of ONE PIECE which is nearing completion, there are still a few situations to be observed.

ONE PIECE 1047 In fact, it doesn't focus solely on the battle between the two aspiring pirate kings. The chapter starts with a color page of the calm Mugiwara enjoying the beach with Momonosuke, but the tone changes dramatically on the next page as the pink dragon looks back on the past. Momonosuke, cheered on by Yamato, recalls the moment he was projected into the future. At first the child was in tears and afraid, but Kinemon's words won him over. Thinking back to that moment, even in the present, the dragon regains confidence and tries to do something.

Meanwhile, the fight continues with Luffy also using lightning to hit Kaido but the latter seems to be too strong. In fact, the power of a devil fruit is not enough, not even awakened like Luffy, since only the will is needed to bring the world to its knees, only the haki, as did Gol D. Roger, who had no other powers.

In the capital, the festival draws to a close and the lanterns rise into the sky, while in Onigashima, the samurai hope for their end to come with the Collapse of Onigashima caused by Kaido's defeat. Meanwhile, water begins to flow into the castle, saving Usopp and Hamlet, but in another room, Orochi manages to transform and threaten Hiyori.

While all of this is happening, Luffy from the sky commands Momonosuke to defend the island: the rubber pirate actually throws out a gigantic punch larger than Onigashima to hit Kaido. How the fight for ONE PIECE will go?

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