There are fights that were expected from the start My Hero Academy. Certain characters were immediately connected to a destiny, with Kohei Horikoshi then encouraging readers to imagine specific battles. Now that My Hero Academia's final war is underway, it's time to see one of those battles.

Dabi's self-destructive past has been exposed and now there is nothing left but to face it. That Chapter 351 of My Hero Academia However, it begins with a reference to the Flashfire Fist, Endeavor's most famous technique that not only shaped the world of the heroes, but also set the souls of two of his children, firstborn and lastborn Touya on fire, and Shoto. Daby stokes his own flames at incredible temperatures and uses the Hell Spider to destroy the enemy formation.

The tactic works and hits Todoroki from behind, bypassing everyone and starts calling him "weak". Blow after blow, the blue flames of hatred manage to reach their enemy and, after a sky-blue flashfire fist, hurl them into a skyscraper. But Todoroki managed to neutralize the heat generated by his brother's flames and after loading his own, throws the Flashfire Fist Phosphorus at his brotherhit it hard and ended an exciting Chapter 351 of My Hero Academia.

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