The sound of the drums of freedom foreshadowed the return of Nika, the return of Joy Boy, the return of a legendary character who, centuries after her last appearance, manifested again in ONE PIECE. Now is Monkey D. Luffy the liberator from slavery and he does his utmost to rid Wano of Kaido.

This has to be fought for, and this has been happening on the rooftop of Onigashima for several chapters now. That Spoiler of ONE PIECE 1047 Update on the status of the situation.

  • On the first color page are the straw hat pirates with Momonosuke in dragon form on the beach;
  • There is a flashback to Oden's castle on fire where Momonosuke decides to travel to the future.
  • Luffy uses the Gom Gom no Thunder attack.
  • Kaido confirms that Roger didn't have devil fruit. He also says that these "skills" are not necessary to rule the world;
  • Orochi is on fire, but the agalmatolite nail is coming out of his body, so he manages to transform;
  • Luffy creates a giant fist larger than the entire island of Onigashima;
  • The pirate tells Momonosuke to somehow prepare and defend the island;
  • Luffy uses his fist to attack Kaido.

ONE PIECE will be on hiatus next week since Weekly Shonen Jump stops for Golden Week.

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