The confrontation between Mugiwara and Tobiroppo heated up, this time involving Nico Robin and Brook. Fallen Victims of Black Maria's Brutal Illusions, in ONE PIECE 1043 Two pirates from the Straw Hat crew must relive their past.

The episode of 1042 ONE PIECE opened the challenge between Robin and Maria. Through Hallucinations caused by the fog of the Tobiroppothe archaeologist returned to her childhood and met her mother Olvia and the giant Sauro again.

After managing to repress her past, Robin fled from Black Maria alongside Brook, but is struck by the antagonist's illusions mid-run. The musician's skeleton returns to the side of the Pirate Rumbar and the Whale Laboon, reliving a distant and happy past. Brook is also forced to kill his old friends and escapes the curse.

The two Mugiwara have therefore managed to escape the treacherous traps of Black Maria, who, however, pushes Robin into direct confrontation through an insult from Sanji. While Brook takes care of the Tobiroppo goons, Nico Robin begins a personal battle.

At the same moment we see the Hearts pirates trying to feed Luffy so that he regains his strength. However, the Straw Hat Captain is so hungry that he runs out of supplies. Attracted by his screams, Momonosuke arrives on the spot and tells Luffy what happened while he was away. Luffy then asks Momonosuke to turn into a dragon and bring him to Onigashima. promised to fight Kaido again. Will Luffy return to battle in ep. 1044 of ONE PIECE?

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