The battle between the rebels, led by the Mugiwara, and the mighty pirates of the Hundred Beasts, led by the despot Kaido, rages on every level of Onigashima Castle. The Straw Hat Pirates have finally made it again, but victory is still a long way off. what will happen inside next episode of ONE PIECE?

Jinbe emerged victorious from the battle with Who is Who in ONE PIECE 1040. The secret of the sun pirates and the god Nika was kept. But what what the Mugiwara helmsman hides Who was once part of the fleet of seven?

In ONE PIECE 1041, the spotlight shifts to Yamato. The daughter of the Yonko tries to rebel and resist in every way break the chains that bind him to Kaido. Yamato tries to make him waste time to make sure Luffy will return soon, switches to hybrid form and does his best in battle. At the same time, Franky instead bravely fights Sasaki, who has also transitioned into hybrid human-beast form. The final moments of the episode lead us to the Pirates of Hearts ship, where finally Luffy opens his eyes looking for meat.

L'Episode 1042 of ONE PIECE leads us to the side of Nico Robin, the victim of a strange illusion. His mother, Olivia and the kind people of Ohara appear before the Mugiwara. A ray of sunshine shines in his heart. Where will these visions take them and will Yamato be able to withstand the destructive blows of her father Kaido until the Straw Hat Captain returns? The next episode of the adaptation "The Predator's Trap! The Temptation of Black Maria" will debut in simulcast streaming on Crunchyroll on November 27, 2022.

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