The Society of Heroes has officially entered its worst crisis yet. The war between heroes and villains leads to tragic results, even forcing UA High School students to join the fray. Among them the title of MVP of the last episode of My hero academy Kirishima deserves it.

Until now The Yuei students had been left on the edge of the battle, with only Kaminari and Fumikage able to take part in the initial attack on Gunga's headquarters, and Deku and Bakugo fleeing Shigaraki. In My Hero Academia 6x08 it's finally the turn of the rising heroes of stages 1-A and 1-B.

Before he leaves his beloved disciples forever, Midnight gives Momo Yaoyorozu one last task. It will be Creatie to lead his companions into a battle on which the fate of the war will depend.

The young student takes charge of My Hero Academia and prepares a cunning one Trap in view of the forthcoming passage of Gigantomachia. The goal is to hold the colossus and make him open his mouth to force him to ingest a heroin-made narcotic.

To stand out in this fight is Mina Ashido, who, using his viscosity, manages to overcome the flames spread by Dabi on Gigantomachia's shoulders. However, upon confronting Machia, Mina recalls the episode that happened to her as a child. Intimidated, she misses her throw and almost doesn't get hit by the giant villain. To solve the situation is the Masculinity by Red Riot.

Kirishima, walking through the burning flames of Dabi, not only saves his friend Ashido, but after being hit, manages to climb onto the villain's body and let him swallow Creatie's anesthetic. Red Riot is truly indestructible.

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